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behaviour change
Daniel Lutz

Daniel Lutz

Creative Strategist

Daniel won’t only help you think outside the box, he’ll help you build it, paint it and market it. Before lunch. He raises the game and makes it feel like fun.

Moniek Zegers

Moniek Zegers

Strategist with an eye for detail

Turns strategy into reality. Asks the questions that everyone is thinking and brings back the answers when everyone else has forgotten them. Philosopher Organizer. With a big heart.

Egon de Bruin

Egon de Bruin

Behavioural Strategist

Psychologist. Brings behaviour change expertise to the work floor. With a strong eye for online / offline interaction. He connects lines you never even knew existed. Creative. Frequent guest speaker.

Maurice Voogd

Tech support, (Social Network) Analysis, Translation

Maurice is our Sherlock. He’s happiest when playing detective: doing preliminary research, performing analyses and diving into statistics, and investigating technical issues. Reliable, precise, structured in his thinking and gifted in language (even for a Dutch person), Maurice is an invaluable member of the team. And like all SnowFliers, he’s also intelligent, warm and funny.

Wieger de Leur

Wieger de Leur

Mystic Maker

A developer for training agencies, Wieger is a trained psychologist with an interest in learning – especially if the learning applies to himself. Eclectic (he once worked as a self-employed animator) and radically curious, he is passionate about learning and change.

Our story

Once upon a time….

This is an epos of sorts. It begins with our two idealists – Egon and Moniek – who go on a hero’s quest, only to discover that the dragon they have to slay is the one they left behind at home.

In Rwanda (yes, doing development work), they saw that even though many people around them longed for change, the basic conditions just weren’t there to enable that change. And part of the solution was to be found at home, in Europe. After two years they returned, still idealists, but much more realistic about what that meant.

If there had been a genie in a bottle and Egon and Moniek had been granted 3 wishes, they would have wished for:

1. Knowledge of how people change, specifically what changes behaviour

2. The secret of how to make change go viral

3. Long life and happiness (as this would allow them to have more impact of course!)

But, lacking a bottled genie, they set out themselves to make their wishes come true. Combining their knowledge of management, psychology and persuasive technology, they gave birth to Snowballs & Flywheels (nickname: SnowFly): a social enterprise disguised as a real-world laboratory for sustainable, scalable change.

Their first product was Treemagotchi, which in 2009-10 made living more sustainably fun and easy for more than 27,000 Dutch citizens. The secret behinds this success was a peer-to-peer approach: by enticing leaders of large social media groups (formerly ‘Hyves’ groups) to act more sustainably, this encouraged them to engage their own networks to follow their example. And these people then did the same for their own groups and networks. And so on. And so on….

Over the years, Snowballs & Flywheels has continued to refine its peer-to-peer approach and – since 2011 – has focused on applying it in organizations. Spreading new behaviours through highly networked and influential peers is central to what Snowballs & Flywheels does. Social technology (including their award winning change platform) is often a key component in scaling up the adoption of new behaviours. And, of course, all of this is done in an as fun and engaging way as possible. Because life should have more fantasy and less drama.

And everyone worked happily ever after.

Interested in our expertise? Please get in touch with Egon.

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