Daniel Lutz

Creating the correct culture
is always a better choice
than writing the right rules.

For more than twenty years Daniel has combined creativity and communication with innovation. Under Human Shareware, a company he co-founded in 1995, he designed and developed some of Europe’s earliest educational CD-ROMs for the likes of Meulenhoff Educatief, Jumbo and Channel 4 UK. A ten year collaboration with the Media Academy in Hilversum produced an innovative cross-media concept development programme that trained the future digital leaders for the BBC and other European broadcasters. Daniel is also an award-winning copywriter and concept developer who has worked on ad campaigns for Nike, Philips, Volvo, Coca-cola and many others. He brings a deep understanding of human dynamics and behaviour design to the SnowFly team.

Daniel brings a lot of positive and creative energy to the team. With his years of experience, he inspires us and our clients to think different. His approach is playful, but his strategy and vision is spot on.

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