Egon de Bruin

Think big, act small.

A cognitive psychologist by training, Egon has lectured at the Universities of Utrecht and Amsterdam. After living in Rwanda for almost two years he returned to The Netherlands and looked for ways to both fit in again and to contribute to global citizenship. With his understanding of psychology and persuasive technology he rediscovered the power of individual groups to be powerful agents of change. He co-developed the behavioural service Treemagotchi, which was a success and many times awarded. Later on, SnowFly adapted the method to support individual groups of people working together in organisations in bringing positive change with sustainable business. Egon is always on the lookout for innovative ways to reinforce SnowFly’s programmes and services.

You know the guy that hums a tune for everything you mention? Egon has a site or video for pretty much anything you can think of. Seriously, I think Egon has read the entire internet three times!

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