We made sustainable living easy and fun for 27,000 Dutch people.

The Challenge

Ever wondered what difference you make in today’s complex world? Too busy to put your values into action? You are not alone. Back in 2009 we noticed that a substantial number of people was struggling with the relationship between their own everyday behaviour and worldwide poverty and pressure on the environment. If you are a part of the problem, you can also be part of the solution. People were on the lookout for tools and support to make a difference. That is why we had set ourselves the goal to create a service for people who wanted to tackle their intention-behaviour gap.

Platform and social network app

The Treemagotchi platform and app connected crowds of motivated people and existing online actions & campaigns and made their collective impact visible.

How it worked.

Participants could plant a personal digital tree on their Facebook page or their blog, and invite friends to team up with them. Twice a month they would receive a reminder in their inbox, to do the action. That took them to one of our many partner websites. After completing the action, the trees rewarded their success with the sound of applause, their trees thriving, and they unlocked certain trophies. If they did not complete the action, the tree began to wither…

Social media and social sciences boosted community and behavioural impact

Smart social media strategy

Built-in viral and game elements

Range of behaviour mechanics deployed

Dedicated community management


Actions performed



structurally changed behaviour

6900 people checked their bank's sustainability benchmark score and poked their bank about it.

8900 people opted out of phone book delivery. This has saved 16,000 kilos of paper and 140 trees.

3600 people have changed their driving style. This could save 410,000 litres of fuel.

6000 customers asked their energy supplier to invest more in green energy production.

2000 wanted to cut down on meat. Could save 6 millions litres of water.

5400 customers asked brand owners about decent working conditions in their clothing factories.

A real eye-opener and too much fun not to do.

Treemagotchi participant

Thx for waking me up and for the fact I actually did something in a super simple way that had been on my to-do list for a long time!

Treemagotchi participant

At a party everybody was talking about how they had started to drive more eco-friendly and shop more consciously, because of Treemagotchi. Looks like it had real effect!

Treemagotchi participant

Brilliant and fun tool!! I’m really not the sort of person who would normally take part in these kinds of actions. But they persuaded me to do all kinds of stuff. Switched to another energy supplier, bought a shower coach. I’ve begun to see my consumer behaviour through a different set of eyes and try my best to purchase sustainable products.

Treemagotchi participant

  • Participants engaged with all partner content 67% 67%
  • Bought energy saving product at partnering webshop 15% 15%
  • Opened savings account at partnering ethical banks 12% 12%
  • Switched to green energy suppliers 6.5% 6.5%

Effective for our sustainable parters

We offered our partners – ngo’s & sustainable companies – both a fresh and active way of communicating, as well as an effective way to have large audiences actively engage with their content, campaigns, products and services. Each week one or two partners had the full attention of our community. They could profit from their joint network and this way reinforced and boosted each other’s effort to promote sustainable living.


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