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Identifying the right levers for change

Change – especially behaviour change – never happens on its own. And it never happens just because you want it to, or because it is good or even necessary for you and your organization.

So the first step in any change process is developing deep insight into what is really going on.  What are the stories, beliefs and assumptions that people are holding onto (often unconsciously)? And do these stories, beliefs and assumptions help or hinder the change necessary in your organization?

By understanding what triggers and motivates (or de-motivates) your colleagues, we enable you to map out an effective common ground for change.  From “making the invisible, visible” to identifying the best change agents in your organization, we’ll help you position and construct the right levers for change.

Identifying the ‘influencers’ with a Social Network Analysis

Who are the best change agents within your organization? With a Social Network Analysis we identify the most influential colleagues who can effectively distribute changes to the whole organization, by practically showing specific critical behaviours. They are the ones you definitely want to involve to start a snowball effect with structural impact.



Get inspired, interactively!

For pure inspiration our SnowFly Road Show offers a fun and informative tour of the ABC’s of behaviour change. For a more hands-on approach, we offer a number of interactive Labs. Innovative, inspiring and energizing, these Labs will give you a deeper understanding of behavioural science.

We mix theory and practice, and share our real-world experiences with you. We then challenge you to apply these insights to your own organizational situation. The biology of empathy, mass interpersonal persuasion, social dynamics and social technology, neurology, and peer-to-peer change are just some of the topics that you’ll explore.




Introduction to sustainable behaviour change

Online persuasion and gamification

The 'Why' of your organisation

Sustainable business innovation

Flywheel programme

A platform for large-scale change

Most of the time when consultants are brought in to make an organizational assessment, the results are reported to the board and then it is up to top management to apply the findings. Which, of course, rarely happens, or at least, rarely happens on a scale that has a significant impact.

The strength of our unique and award-winning Flywheel Engagement Programme is that it offers an interactive platform to put the ideas and insights gained into practice – across the entire organization, at the same time.

The Flywheel Engagement Programme enables you – in a controlled and measurable manner – to offer meaningful content to your organization, creating greater awareness, revealing new business opportunities and stimulating new ways of working. The engagement has been carefully designed to be easy and effective, while creating a buzz and supporting organizational-wide change.

Behaviour & communication

Communicate actionable ideas

Want to improve your organisation’s employee engagement, innovation or sustainability? Tailored to your needs and available budget, we can design a behavioural communication campaign that supports your organization’s goals and strategy.

Information is never neutral. How you communicate something, when you communicate and the forms used all contribute or detract from the actual message. Also, a clear message isn’t the same thing as an actionable message. After all, what people know is only as useful in how it ultimately influences what they do. People learn in groups and by doing. Finding ways to facilitate or trigger them to act, is more effective then just broadcasting a message. Finally, your colleagues and employees are likely faced with ever-increasing volumes of information. What is going to ensure that your message really gets heard, let alone embraced and being acted upon?

With our expertise in behaviour change we are at your service. Where suited and possible we like to work with influential colleagues and support them to activate their network and start a snowball effect.

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