The Flywheel

get people and purpose rolling

The Flywheel invites all your colleagues to join a series of six week challenges powered by our web based platform. They can complete online challenges in ten minutes per week and are enabled to share opinions and (business) ideas face-to-face as well. The platform uses a variety of gamification techniques. The more challenges completed, the more points you get, the higher your team ranks. It creates a buzz in the workplace, but above all it helps people to change themselves, their work and their environment.

Makes it easy and fun for large groups of colleagues to learn, act and think along.

Translates strategy to the workplace: ‘How can I contribute?’ And captures needs, knowledge and experiences.

Offers colleagues a voice and sense of cohesion across functions and the business.

Offers internal change agents influence and reinforces their efforts.

Works as a flywheel to embed a new (sustainable) business strategy.

Shows strong effects on employee engagement,
knowledge, attitudes and behaviours, employer branding, reputation.

The Flywheel in numbers:


Shared ideas and opinions



had fun doing it!


of invited colleagues participate.


changed behaviour.

Strategic follow-up delivers the largest impact.

To keep momentum after the series of challenges following up on the output is key. Most ideally this is driven by the colleagues in your coalition of change themselves. Visible follow-up will further increase engagement and ownership. Snowballs & Flywheels offers several follow-up services to support you. Our results show: running the Flywheel one time already has a powerful impact, while running it two or three times further embeds the effects.

Have a look at our results for APG pensions

This was the best internal activation of our sustainable growth strategy I have ever seen!

Katja Wagner

Head of Business Development, Unilever

Genuinely great. The Flywheel Engagement Programme creates a positive buzz and strengthens the informal networks here. That is incredibly important. You can feel the change, but more importantly, we see it reflected in the figures of our employee satisfaction surveys. Colleagues talk enthusiastically with friends, family and customers about the programme. This helps our external reputation, which also helps attract the right people to deliver our sustainable growth strategy.

Rob Stolk

VP HR, Unilever

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