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Complexity made manageable

(notice we didn’t write “managed”)

Although the actual implementation can be complex, the basic principle of how we work is simple.
It can be explained in 4 steps:

1. Meaning

We take a careful look at what is going on in your organization – what is really going on. Once we have a deep enough sense of what people’s motivations are – their hopes and fears, frustrations and engagement with their daily job – we put these together in a Behavioural Fabric overview. Because if you want people to do things differently you have to speak to them, not at them. 


People don’t mind changing, but people don’t want to be changed.

2. Mobilisation

By identifying highly connected and trusted people within your organization, we create the conditions for change to spread. It’s the difference between using kindling to start a fire or normal (possibly even damp) sticks – one gets the fire going quickly….the other is almost impossible to light. 


People learn best and most naturally from other people like them (their ‘peers’).

3. Movement

Ideas and behaviours are no different than any other new, living thing: in the beginning, they need to be carefully nurtured. So we help you and your leadership to come up with a strategy that helps keep the movement you want to see grow, rather than stop.


Communication alone doesn’t move people, clever behaviour tactics does.

4. Metamorphosis

At some point enough people are exhibiting the behaviour you want to see that it becomes embedded in your organization. A tipping point is reached and it becomes part of the culture. Best of all, the dynamics required to get to this point, make it increasingly easy to introduce other elements of change. The first steps towards becoming a true learning organization have been made.


Behaviours change culture, not the other way around.

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