The change challenge opportunity




Times aren’t changing. They’ve already changed.

These changes – many technological – are happening so quickly that many organizations are struggling to keep up, let alone stay ahead.

“Standard solutions” just aren’t working.

At the same time, people are craving more meaning in their work. And customers want to engage with organizations that have more than just profit in mind.

It is now obvious – across the board – that the old way of doing business is not viable or fulfilling for the vast majority of people. The bad news is that organizations that don’t adapt simply won’t survive.

The good news is that ceasing to exist is completely preventable :). We believe that with every challenge comes an opportunity. By daring to take your organization from ‘static’ to ‘dynamic’….and from ‘hierarchical’ to ‘highly connected’, you have an opportunity to not just survive, but to thrive.

The fact that you are now faced with the need to be more resilient, responsive and innovative…that’s just the perfect opportunity to get your people and purpose roling. To bring meaning to your metamorphosis, and release remarkable amounts of energy, creativity and fun (yes, fun). Why should work be a struggle? A necessary evil? Even “tough but tolerable”? Why can’t it be fun, inspirational, and energizing… while making the world a better place?

Why can’t you have employees and customers who are your happy and willing ambassadors?

A note about sustainability

At Snowballs & Flywheels, sustainability is not a buzz-word, but a mindset. An holistic one. We believe that organizations should – need to ­– have a positive social impact. If you are not contributing positively to your greater community – be it local or global – then you are not acting sustainably and someone, at some point will have to pay the price. Happily, approached properly, having a positive impact up-front doesn’t have to be “the right thing to do but at an additional cost” – it can have a significant, direct net benefit.

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