Sustainability Day in The Netherlands, I gave a presentation as ‘opening act’ for Michael Braungart, creator of Cradle2Cradle. He was invited by the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) to inspire students, professors and researchers. And I was invited because we were going to use our change method at the University.

Wise words by Braungart: “Support people to be effective and to do the good things.”

“We are at a tipping point for our world’s preservation. From this realisation, sustainability has become a spearhead for the HU, endeavouring that no graduates will be ignorant of sustainability principles,” according to the Board Chair of the HU, Geri Bonhof, in a press statement.

But the HU also lives by: ‘Practise what you teach.’ There is a whole sustainability programme, with such things as trendy e-bikes, VanMoof bicycles, electric moped scooters, electric cars, a rooftop testing laboratory for sustainable energy technologies, etc. Take a look at their Facebook page: (in Dutch).

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