If change hasn’t worked for you before,
maybe it’s time to try some SnowFly.

Looking for ways to create real engagement? To make your enthusiasm for positive change in your company go viral?

At SnowFly we have the creativity, strategy and tools to enable lasting, scalable and meaningful behaviour change. Not by enforcing change, but by connecting to your influential colleagues’ intrinsic motivation, supporting them to mobilise their informal network.

We apply the best theories and research on motivation, using advanced social technology. With the right colleagues, the right concrete behaviours, and the right distribution mechanism we create the right snowball effect for you!

Get people and purpose rolling.

This was the best internal activation of our sustainable growth strategy I have ever seen!

Katja Wagner

Head of Business Development, Unilever

SnowFly knows how to apply scientific findings on human behaviour change into ICT applications in an excellent way. This combination makes them innovative as well as result driven.

Willem Lageweg

Director, CSR Netherlands

SnowFly creates engagement, enthusiasm and willingness to change.

Sandra Valenbreder

Programme Manager, HU University of Applied Sciences

The Flywheel Engagement Programme in numbers:


Shared ideas and opinions



had fun doing it!


of invited colleagues participate.


changed behaviour.

The bottom line benefit?

‘For every £1 we invest in engaging our people in sustainability, they deliver £1.40 back to our business.’

Conclusion O2 Telefonica employee engagement programme – business case study (Global Action Plan, 2014)

Some of our clients

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